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IMETA has been serving the marine industry since 2005, having an extensive database of an international clientele within various aspects of the shipping trade. Our technical expertise is led by a group of International Consultants, each of whom has extensive experience within the maritime industry, and mostly at the Senior to Top management level.

Our mainframe consulting service is within the domains of human competence and performance management. With years of experience in training, it was a natural succession to focus on human element, which is by and large considered the weakest link in safety of maritime operations. Various studies have been carried out and results have indicated that human actions or inactions are responsible for around 90% of the maritime accidents. Being the major concern of the ship owners on finding ways and means to establish human competence needs within their personnel, we have developed special programmes and software for performing human competence and performance measurements, including training needs analysis.

We provide various forms of specialized consulting services including risk management, competency profiling, competency-risk assessment, accident and incident investigations, ship board audits and inspections as well as cargo and port captaincy services. The primary aim of our Consultants while attending an operation or assisting our clients is to achieve cost effective and expeditious results with our highly qualified expertise. All our operations are conducted under the strictest safety guidelines with additional recommendations when warranted, assuring our clients of a timely, professional and up-to-date service.

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We provide a range of consulting services and business solutions within the maritime and related industries. Mainly focusing on the management of human competence, we offer the following services and products:

  • Customized and generic competence management solution (for seafarers on-board ships and ashore)
  • ELearning and training solutions – Software solutions – development and customisation of softwares to optimise processes e.g. Traffic Light Leading Indicator Warning System, Dry-docking software etc.
  • Development of technical and behavioural competency and appraisal models
  • Studies & analysis of competence/training gaps, and competency risk profiling
  • Development and Implementation of competency assessment frameworks
  • Maritime risk assessment and navigational audits of ships
  • Accident and incident investigation, including simulation based studies
  • Auditing of training academies and training of maritime trainers for design, development, delivery and assessment of training